Our Expertise


As a general practice firm, Sojong Lawyers practices over a wide range of legal areas.Each and every client is valuable to us and we focus on giving the attention that is rightfully deserved.


Our range of services includes practice in the following areas:

  • Our corporate and commercial practices aid our clients in establishing their businesses as well as dealing with all future issues that may arise during trade. Aiming to do everything we can so can that you may focus on operations, our task is to take the hassle out of legal matters.

  • We run a steady and consistent conveyancing practice, with our clients always being satisfied with their transactions. Other property matters are also dealt with in an experienced manner.

  • With much litigation experience, we have had success in acting for our clients in large scale landmark cases, as well as general matters that are taken to the court. We work to make sure those decision are enforced.

  • There is much awareness within Sojong of globalization at levels of business practice. To accommodate this trend, our practice handles the various aspects of international transactions.

  • Due to the ever increasing number of overseas residents, this has allowed Sojong to engage in various cases in immigration law including visa applications, permanent residency cases, as well as appearances in the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

  • The complexity of finance and insurance issues may scare you to approach claim your rights. It is our job to overcome this difficult for you.

  • When encountering the emotional phases in life, the last thing you want is for the legal aspects to cause further impediments. Our duty is to make sure that those facets of unavoidable situations are held to a minimum.

For further information, click the relevant field of law of which you require legal aid. You can also contact us in whichever may you feel convenient for assistance.