About Us


Sojong Lawyers stands for quality in law. We provide legal services of the highest calibre.


For the past 7 years, we have been serving many different groups of clients. We have provided many legal services for corporate and individual clients in Sydney, NSW as well as clients in other Australian states and those in South Korea and other overseas.


From individual clients to small and medium businesses in Australia, as well as large enterprises and  small, medium corporations who have expanded or are looking to expand to Australia, Sojong has proved its efficiency in acting for our clients interests and generating the best outcome possible. As a general practice firm, we offer a wide range of legal services. From everyday conveyancing, property, commercial and business matters to large litigation and transaction cases, we have the ability to take your case and offer sufficient advice and carry out the necessary duties. Sojong has displayed precision within the smallest of tasks as well as the capacity and competence to win legal battles against the largest players in the market.


The personnel within Sojong include those not only from purely legal backgrounds, but with experience in corporate, banking, accounting fields as well as other disciplines. Thus we are aware of the practical operations which arise in such areas.


Sojong also enjoys an alliance with major Korean firm Sojong Partners in Seoul, Korea.